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Ammonium carbamate

  • I. Structural Formula:NH4CO2NH2
    II. Physical and Chemical Properties:
    Ammonium carbamate is an important chemical raw material in a very wide range of use, made of ammonium bicarbonate and carbamic acid (commonly known as complex salt). It is white and translucent solid.
    Ammonium carbamate is used for the production of pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical reagents, fermentation promoters and electronic components and so on. It is a valuable ammoniating agent. It can be used as analytical pure of chemical reagent for spot analysis of potassium, radium and thorium, and also can be a chromatography reagent and derive into kinds of carbonate products. It is insoluble in alcohol and hygroscopic, with specific gravity of 1.56 and melting point of 58°C, It will release ammonia odor in moisture and damp condition, and easy to weather in the air.

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Product Details

III. Implemented standards: Q/ 3212 PH01-2012; invention patent number: ZL2012 2 0254628.0

IV. Quality Standards

No Name Index
1 Appearance Colorless and semi-translucent crystal
2 Total alkalinity (calculated by NH3)% ≥42.30
3 Ash % ≤0.008
4 Oxide (calculated by C1)% ≤0.001
5 Sulfur compound (calculated by S) % ≤0.0002
6 lron (Fe) % ≤0.001
7 Precious metal (calculated by Pb)% ≤0.0004
8 Sulfate (calculated by SO4)% ≤0.007
9 Groan (AS) % ≤0.0002

V. Packaging and Storage:
Use 25kg double lined plastic bag or 25/ 40kg fiber can
Precautions: moisture proof and heat proof for ammonium carbamate.