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Dry powder molding additives

  • I. Main Physical and Chemical Properties:
    Efficient dispersant SJ-15, SJ-18 and SJ-20 are light brown, with the active content no less than 14-20%, soluble in water, PH: 8.5-9.5, slightly ammonia odor, non-toxic; they can be safely decomposed without residue in firing or high temperature.

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II. Main Applications and Features of Use:
Efficient dispersant SJ-15, SJ-18, SJ-20 series of products are water-soluble dispersant, with excellent temperature stability, dispersion and storage stability. Mainly used in electronic ceramics, special ceramics, magnetic materials, ultra-fine powder, paint, paper and other technology.

1. Efficient dispersants SJ-15, SJ-18 and SJ-20 series of products are suitable for water-dispersed ceramic slurry ball milling, grouting, spray drying granulation static pressure molding and plastic molding process, especially for the production of magnetic materials, electronic ceramics and specialty ceramics respectively taking magnetic iron oxide (magnetic material), alumina, zinc oxide and zirconia as the main raw materials. The slurry with excellent dispersibility and flowability and high solid content 70%) can be obtained by adding a small amount of high-efficient dispersants SJ-15, SJ-18 and SJ-20 (0.2-0.8% of the dry matter content in the slurry), so as to reduce the volume shrinkage during sintering, improve the dimensional accuracy of the product, effectively prevent defects such as cracking, shrinking glaze, pinholes and spots, and to improve the product genuineness. After the product is fired, the dispersant has no residue in the product and has no effect on the original technical performance index of the product, so it is especially suitable for magnetic materials and electronic ceramics.

2. In producing zirconium oxide, alumina, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, iron oxide, silicon oxide, graphite and other micro-micron ultrafine powder by means of ultrafine ball mill and ultrafine grinding, adding efficient dispersants SJ-15, SJ- 18 and SJ-20, can effectively prevent particle aggregation and improve ball milling effect.

3. These efficient dispersants SJ-15, SJ-18 and SJ-20 have excellent dispersion effect on titanium powder, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, talc, zinc oxide and red iron oxide and other inorganic pigments and fillers. They are essential additives in paint and paper industries.

III. Implemented standards:Q321283GNG02-2011

IV. Packaging and Storage:
Packaging: 25kg/barrel or 200kg/barrel
Storage: Sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated place for five years.